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C I T-Women Empowerment Cell




Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) has been constituted in Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology to empower and safeguard the rights of female members; faculty, staff and students of the Institution. The WEC works to promote gender sensitivity in the campus and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus
It works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere.

Women Empowerment Cell Established in our college to empower girl students to enhance the understanding of the issues related to women, to prevent sexual harassment, other sensitive problems faced by girl students. The college takes every care to monitor and curb insulting and worrying act towards girls.

It organizes workshops and sensitization programmes both for staff and students by eminent Psychologists, Gynecologists and Social workers.It provides a platform to share their experiences and voices regarding their status in society and suggest ways to improve and empower themselves.The college takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety and the dignity of the female students, teachers and staff.




  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
  • To conduct seminars ,workshops  and awareness programs –to impart knowledge of opportunities and rights
  • To create a conductive counseling environment for female gender to share their problems
  • To upload women’s right to protection against sexual harassment
  • To help them to understand their strengths and potential
  • To train and empower the girl students To help them to identify inherent talents and develop the skills


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