Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology

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CIT Campus,
N.H. 206, B.H. Road,
Gubbi, Tumkur 572 216
(Near Bangalore), Karnataka, India.
Tel : 08131 - 223818/223365
Fax : 08131 223177
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The CIT Library provides the following services

Readers Guidance/User Orientation Programme

The freshers are formally introduced to the library sources and services at the beginning of every academic year departmentwise. The students of each department are taken to each and every section of the library by the library staff and are introduced to the diverse sources and services, so as to make them familiar with the library to gain maximum use of the library.

Library Hours:

Open Access:

The greatest advantage that a library can offer to its readers is its � open shelf � system. This system enables the users to have direct and easy access to the book collection providing good opportunity and freedom to examine and browse the books. It encourages the users to develop a closer acquaintance with the diversity of information sources available in the library.

Loan Period:

The users are eligible to borrow only one book against each borrower ticket for a period of 14 days. The books kept in reference section, and the periodicals normally will not be issued. However under certain conditions the reference textbooks are issued to the faculty for overnight reference and return. Those who fail to return/renew the books within a specified due date will be levied an overdue charge of Rs. 1 per book per day.

New Arrivals Display:

Some selected titles of new books acquired by the library are displayed in �New Arrivals Display� racks for the benefit of users. These books will be on display for atleast one week and after that they will be made available to borrow.

Press Clipping Service:

Press clipping service is one of the most important services in a library. The press clipping means the cutting of news items etc., daily from newspapers in an organization and sending them to officials, decision-makers etc., who will find them useful. CIT Library has also undertaken such service. We browse the leading National Newspapers and cut the news item in relation to the Higher education, University administration, news on universities in Karnataka and news on CIT and are clipped in the form of files. These files are sent to the Director regularly and to other administrative staff of the CIT on demand, and finally these are kept open for use by the library users in CD form.

Reference Service:

CIT Library is having a sound reference source collection. Reference service means “Process of establishing contact between a user and his requirements in a personal way". It is a personal service, which involves various activities, aimed at making information available to the users as easily as possible. In order to provide information, our professional staff make use of resources of the library as well as those resources available outside the library. Either our staff may give the information which is required by the users or they guide them to browse the documents which contain the required information, depending upon their requirements.

Xerox / Reprographic Service:

The library provides reprographic service to the users on priced basis. This saves the time of the users to a great extent.